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Eradicate odors left by fire, smoke, floods, sewage, mold & mildew

Anafresh is a commercial odor neutralizer that is designed to target and completely eradicate the odors left behind by fires, smoke, flooding, sewage, mold and mildew. Anafresh is formulated with a proprietary blend of biodegradable essential oils, is water soluble and has a neutral pH. It is safe for use on all types of finished and unfinished building materials, furnishings and textiles. The product can safely be mixed with the Advanced Cleaning Solution Plus, as well as a wide range of cleaners and disinfectants, to create a very effective deodorizing cleaner. The product should not be mixed with bleach-based products. This odor controlling product is available in a 1-quart concentrated formula.

Anafresh Oder Neutralizer

  • *Bulk pricing applies to full pallet orders. Full pallet is defined as 36 5-gal pails or 3 55-gal drums with the exception of Anasphere-Plus, 100 1-qt bottles, and Anafresh, 12 1-qt bottles. Pallets of 5-gal pails may be  contain mixed product to meet bulk pricing. For more information on individual products please visit                 

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