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We protect homes and businesses in Oklahoma. With our exclusive Bug Block Technology ™ we provide fast, reliable and trustworthy service for all of your pest needs. Keeping your health and your property out of harm's way is our priority. We have organic and non-organic solutions to rid you of pests whether you are inside or outside.

Residential Pest Control

Easy Options. Easy Pricing. Quick Response. Great Results.

No property is the same, just like no ant colony, bee colony, or any system of pests. Treatments can only be as effective as to how we approach the concern. Many factors are considered when discussing our approach plan of treatments. Factors like the type of pest you are concerned with, how long activity has been noticed, locations of activity, exterior structural concerns that can be attracting the pest, as well as you, the homeowner.

On-Call Service

Take Control offers short term “as needed” services! Some customers do not need ongoing service. If you feel you have caught the pest activity at the beginning stages, we can most likely eradicate the problem with just one treatment. This option includes a piece of mind, 60-day Service Agreement. If you are still experiencing the same pest issue within 60 days from your initial service, we will be happy to come back at no charge for a follow up treatment. After the 60 days, we will offer a discounted rate for any issue you may have the remainder of the year.


If the problem has been going on for two seasons or more, the pest has most likely built a nest or colony that may require more than a single treatment. Rodents, depending on activity level, may not work with this option, so let's discuss our options when you call.


Pests included in this option are: Ants, Spiders, Cockroaches, Centipedes, Millipedes, Earwigs, Waterbugs, Silverfish, Sow Bugs / Pill Bugs, and Scorpions. If you feel you may need a one-time treatment for other pests not included, please call us for an estimate. 

Seasonal Treatment

Our most popular service provided once each season to ensure that pests do not invade your property. This helps ensure that you are covered year around for the most common pests. On the initial visit, your homes interior and exterior will be inspected thoroughly, allowing us to utilize the key products for your property and potential pest concerns.


Spider webs will be removed and then your exterior of your house will be treated. This service includes treatment for mice, rats, voles and shrews. Unlike many other companies, we treat the entire property and not only the perimeter of the property.


Treating your homes interior will be based on two factors:

  • Amount and location of pest activity found

  • What you the homeowner feel comfortable with


If there is any pest activity between treatments, we will return at no charge to ensure that you remain pest free!

Premier Prevention Program

Some customers want total protection and prevention year-round, as they simply want to remain pest free. The Premier Prevention Program ensures that a licensed technician is examining and treating your property each month.


Our Premier Prevention Program is guaranteed to treat and prevent all general household pests and includes everything in our seasonal program as well as one of the following:

  1. Free home disinfecting with our hospital-grade disinfectant fogging treatment that can provide a protective barrier for your family once per year.

  2. Free Exterior Mosquito Fogging treatment once per year.

Commercial Pest Control

Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Take Control, your satisfaction is not just a goal—it's our job. We share a commitment to ethical, professional and environmentally responsible service. We guarantee you the highest standards of integrity. And we focus not just on solving your immediate problem, but on earning your long-term trust.


A single pest can bring a business to its knees. Whether you’re a restaurant or warehouse, supermarket or school, you can’t risk a pest control problem. With Take Control, you’ll gain the peace of mind that comes from knowing your business and those you serve are protected from pests.

Our Business is Keeping You in Business

Even the cleanest buildings have pest control problems. Carpenter ants, roaches, rodents—they can enter in cardboard boxes and wooden pallets, through pipes and vents, through hidden cracks and crevasses. Spotting one pest means there’s likely a much larger colony or nest you can’t see. While over-the-counter sprays and traps kill some pests, eliminating the source of the problem takes specialized expertise.

Early Detection and Prevention

Preventing pests before they become a problem is smart business. Every plan is custom-designed to treat current pest problems quickly without inconveniencing your normal operations, while also safeguarding against further infestations.

Our plans include:

  • One of the most comprehensive inspections in the industry

  • Pest control services tailored to your industry and specific needs

  • An integrated pest management plan that uses a variety of pest control methods

  • Discreet monthly service to address and prevent pest control problems

  • Superior Service

Bed Bug Prevention and Treatment 

Anyone can get bed bugs. They’re difficult to kill, but we have two proven methods to offer you.

Due to the nature of bed bugs, it can be difficult to control and fully eradicate unless you are aware of how they travel and what to look for. We offer two bed bug treatment options: liquid or heat. Both have different benefits, so it’s up to you, your environment, the current activity level and your budget to determine which would work best for our situation. To provide a proper quote a personal inspection is necessary. Please call our office to find out more.


Bed bugs can live in any home or building, even in tiny cracks of furniture as well as on clothes and upholstered furniture. However, they are more frequently found where people sleep. They can be found in beds such as the mattresses, box springs and bed frames. They also like to live in corners inside dresser drawers, curtains, and inside the spaces of wicker furniture. Because bed bugs can live for months on time without eating they can be found in vacant homes or buildings.


Bed Bugs go through five developmental stages before reaching maturity. A blood meal is required between each stage. As the bed bugs develop, they become larger and darker until reaching adulthood. Under favorable conditions, bed bugs can complete development in one and half – two months. Cool temperatures or limited access to a blood meal may prolong the developmental period. On Average Adults will live for just under a year. The adult females will deposit about 5 eggs per day depositing them in a wide variety of locations. An adult female can lay up to 500 eggs during her lifetime.


Bed bugs are nocturnal insects and lead a very cryptic lifestyle. Bed bugs are often present for weeks or even months before a single bug is ever seen. They live in cracks and crevices associated with all your bedding area. They will disperse away from the bed and can live between or beneath floorboards, carpeting, under moldings, in or under furniture, behind picture frames, inside walls, etc. There is no crack too small for this insect to live and breed. From these secluded cracks and crevices that the bugs emerge during the nighttime to feed on their sleeping host. The bites are typically painless and often go undetected.

Liquid Treatment

With the application of various professional insecticides, it can be very effective in controlling and eradicating the existing activity. Preparation before the treatment is necessary, ensuring we have access to multiple surfaces. Mattresses, bed frames, sofas, dressers, and all areas humans have high contact with are treated. We pay attention to cracks and crevices of furniture, walls and electrical outlets, as that’s where they hide. Due to the life cycle of bed bugs, 2-3 treatments may be necessary, but we’ll have better idea after a thorough inspection to determine activity level.


When you choose to get this service, please closely review the bed bug preparation guide that describes in detail what is required from you prior your service. To ensure the chemicals get into crack and crevice of the furniture, the walls, floorboards, we need to have the room cleaned out and fully ready upon our arrival. Remember, if there is just one area that a bed bug is all to remain unfound, it eliminates the chance of a full elimination.

Heat Treatment

We use thermal remediation heaters to raise a rooms temperature to 120-135°F (49-57°C). The heat circulates throughout the room ensuring all challenging spots, such as cracks and crevices are reached, and Bed bugs of all life stages are physically unable to survive. Preparing for this treatment option does require some time, but we review all details with you ahead of time. 



To enable the technician to perform the most thorough treatment possible, the owner/resident MUST perform the following steps in all agreed upon treatment areas:

  1. DRY all clothing in the Hottest Dry cycle for at least 35 minutes.

  2. Seal all washed/dried items in sealed containers with secured lids.

  3. Remove ALL items from closet floor and closet shelving areas and put in sealed containers.

  4. Remove ALL items from dresser drawers and place in sealed containers with secured lids.

  5. Remove dresser drawers from dresser cabinet and place on floor.

  6. Remove all bedding (sheets, pillows comforters) and place in sealed containers after drying on the hottest setting for at least 35 minutes.

  7. Remove mattress and box springs from bed frame and place UPRIGHT against walls.

  8. We will need to cut and/or remove the dust cover (cheese cloth) under furniture and box springs - Please Note: The dust cover will be damaged, will not be replaced and will be discarded.

  9. Unscrew and remove ALL light switch and electric outlet covers (we need to dust these voids).

  10. After treatment, mattress & box springs must be placed inside zippered bed bug proof total encasement covers*.


*We only recommend high quality; Entomology Lab Certified Bed Bug Proof mattress and box spring encasements.


FLOORS: We need access to all perimeter baseboard areas. Please move all stored items approximately 3 feet from walls. After treatment, you must stay off of furniture and beds for approximately 4 hours until dry and stay out of the home for a couple of hours or until the product is dry. S


SPECIAL NOTES: All occupants, especially infants and persons with heart or respiratory problems should be out of the treated area until the liquid product dries (minimum 4 hours). All pets (including birds, reptiles and fish) must be removed from the area to be treated. If pets cannot be removed, air pumps must be disconnected, and the tanks sealed with plastic. The materials used are all EPA approved, applied according to the label and non-hazardous when dry. The treatment will not harm houseplants.

Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes do spread many other dangerous illnesses but are immune to coronaviruses.

Enjoy your yard more this summer by treating for mosquitos. This treatment provides a safe and effective resource to control all existing mosquitoes as well as larvae that haven’t hatched yet, in the hidden breeding grounds throughout your yard. Our trained technicians will fog your yard, concentrating under the leaves and bushes, where mosquito’s like to hide. We look for any potential standing water, that attracted the mosquitoes in which they can lay up to 100-300 eggs at a time, up to every three days.


Our treatments last for one month, verse the 21 days that our competitors offer. We recommend treatments May – November in Oklahoma, as long as it’s warm they can continue to breed.


The Basics:

*$75 is per month, plus tax (based on ½ acre property). Safe for pets and children. 100% Guaranteed.


We also offer a one-time treatment, for special occasions such as a wedding or party. Call for those details and pricing.


Customer Preparation for Mosquito Service
Remove any standing water around home, as this is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. All debris needs to be removed from yard or any area to be treated. Cutting back on watering yard will help keep population reduced. Yard should be cut, and bushes trimmed for best results.

Flea and Tick Control

Are fleas and ticks bothering you and your pets? Don’t let these pesky critters hassle your animals and spread throughout your home. Take Control’s Flea and Tick Service includes treating your home and yard to eliminate any current infestations and prevents future problems from fleas and ticks. This service is affordable, and you will see immediate results.


Customer Preparation for Flea and Tick Service

  • Clear all floor surfaces of loose items such as magazines, toys and other small articles. Pick up articles on closet floors as well as under beds and furniture.

  • On the day of the treatment, vacuum carpets, rugs, and furniture including under cushions of upholstered furniture. Vacuum wood and tile floors with special attention to grooves and cracks. Pay special attention to wall/floor junctures and all areas frequented by pets. Seal vacuum bag in a plastic bag and dispose outside in a covered receptacle. Clean thoroughly all areas frequented by cats, i.e. tabletops, windowsills, etc.

  • Wash or dispose of all pet bedding. Cover aquariums and turn off air pumps.

  • Remove all pets during treatment. Do not let pets return home until after treatment dries. Recommend that pet be treated by a qualified veterinarian.

  • Clean areas around dog houses and other outside areas where pets have access. Maximum effectiveness of treatment will be achieved if lawn is cut prior to treatment.

  • You may see some fleas up to two weeks.

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